January 23, 2020

My bus pulled in to Delphi well after dark, and I stopped in at the one taverna that was open on the one street in the village. The one man working was hanging Christmas baubles from the ceiling, and he brought me bowls of cheese and eggplant spread and fresh bread. No...

December 20, 2019

Winter in Scotland has been hard (and it’s hardly yet begun). The days are short and cold. It’s dark when I walk to work, and dark again well before I leave. Even when the heating is on (which it rarely is) the chill still seeps through the single-pane windows. In the...

November 27, 2019

The Grand Place in Brussels

I love travelling alone. I love the feeling of getting off a long bus ride in a totally new place and walking the streets and finding my way. I love the freedom of being totally anonymous in a crowd full of strangers. I love finding the perfe...

November 25, 2019

Poland is a very particular type of Holocaust experience. Don’t get me wrong - I love Poland. I think it’s a beautiful country, with so much to offer beyond the Holocaust context. I think some amazing, inventive and important things are being done there in terms of Jew...

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