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Pieced Textiles

Welcome! My name is Sydney, and I'm an artist and maker living in Glasgow, Scotland. I make textiles and accessories out of recycled, repurposed, natural, found and foraged materials.

Our Materials

I use a variety of materials. Our hand-knit products, including the Southside Beanie line, are made using mixed yarns salvaged from industrial knitting cones. These cones are discarded by factories when no longer needed. On their own, they're too thin for most hand-knitting, so I spin them into new blends inspired by Scottish landscapes. These are then hand-knit into a variety of products.

I also collect unwanted fabrics from my local community. These are cut down, hand-pieced into new materials, quilted and sewn into new items.

Both of these processes breathe new life into old materials, a way to create in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, relying on local materials and hand processes. 


Custom Orders + Commissions

Products in stock in the online store are pre-made to specified sizes, but all products can be made to custom order. Looking for a specific fit, colour, or modification? Get in touch to discuss customization options. 

We also accept commissions for knit, sewn, and other crafty projects. Fabrics can hold so many different memories - childhood clothes, the belongings of a loved one - and making them into something new can help us remember them. Or maybe you have a crochet blanket or knitting project started by a loved one and want help finishing it? Get in touch to discuss any ideas for projects and custom commissions. 

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